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Welcome to Smart Doodle Puppies!

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DDC Approved Breeder Goldendoodle Fort Myers Florida Dog Breeder pet dog puppy puppies
Goldendoodle Breeder Fort Myers Florida Dog Breeder pet dog puppy puppies
Our certifications include GANA, Doodle Dog Club, Badass Breeder, and
Goldendoodle Fort Myers Florida Dog Breeder pet dog puppy puppies

Our passion is to raise healthy puppies that are well conditioned and compatible with your family.

At Smart Doodle Puppies, our puppies are raised in our home, where they are loved on, handled properly according to their age, and put through curriculum to prepare them for their life with you and/or your family. We are certified as an Evaluator, providing you with information about each puppy, so you can choose a puppy that works with your family.

Our standards begin with all of the health testing we do to be a blue ribbon, GANA member as well as a certified Badass Breeder evaluator, and a member of Good Dog. These are programs that hold breeders to the highest standards of quality, healthy breeding. 

We have also completed and use some of the Puppy Culture information, the Midwoofery classes, and the courses from "Dogs Naturally" on pet nutrition and Raw Feeding. We assist in labor and deliveries and use curriculum that starts at 3 days old and daily handling exercises, and careful monitoring of weights to ensure all puppies are thriving. Curriculum advances as they reach new developmental accomplishments. Puppies undergo a vet clearance and Florida Health Certificate prior to going home, as well as their first vaccine, parasite test and treatment, if needed, and a microchip put in. We provide a fun and useful puppy kit, too.

One of the most important things we do is give a voice to our puppies in their placement. Each puppy undergoes an empowered badass breeder temperament test so that we can help guide you to the best puppy for you, respecting your needs as well. We offer a 2 year health guarantee and a discount to Baxter and Bella online dog and puppy training. Use our discount code "SDP" for a 25% off discount.

Are you ready to learn more about what we do? We are interested in what you are hoping for in a puppy, so read on and go to the application page, fill it out and send me a text we we can talk about a puppy. My phone umber is 239.872.4941. -Trish

More About Us

Click here to read more about our training of our Smart Doodle Puppies.

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Puppy Parent Testimonials

Top Florida Goldendoodle Breeder, Ethical Breeder, Health Tested Golden Doodle

It was incredibly easy communicating with SDP and made us very excited about getting our puppy. They answered all our questions and made us feel comfortable. It made us feel very confident that SDP was a blue ribbon member of GANA. The whole process was very smooth! Our puppy was more trained than I expected it to be! Potty training only took us 3 days from bringing our puppy home and getting him used to his new environment I have already referred many friends to SDP, they have loved our puppy, and I have many friends who want to get a puppy from SDP when they are ready for a dog! Ultimately SDP stood out among the rest with their credentials and quick communication, we felt that it was the best fit for our family since we already had a dog and have a young child. I think when the time is right we will definitely be getting another dog from here!! Our experience was excellent!


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