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We Love Our
Smart Doodle Puppies!

"I can honestly say this is the first time I myself have chosen a puppy from a breeder and it was a wonderful experience!" - Tina

Puppy Parent Testimonials

Image (4).jpeg

It was incredibly easy communicating with SDP and made us very excited about getting our puppy. They answered all our questions and made us feel comfortable. It made us feel very confident that SDP was a blue ribbon member of GANA. The whole process was very smooth! Our puppy was more trained than I expected it to be! Potty training only took us 3 days from bringing our puppy home and getting him used to his new environment I have already referred many friends to SDP, they have loved our puppy, and I have many friends who want to get a puppy from SDP when they are ready for a dog! Ultimately SDP stood out among the rest with their credentials and quick communication, we felt that it was the best fit for our family since we already had a dog and have a young child. I think when the time is right we will definitely be getting another dog from here!! Our experience was excellent!


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